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Beile (Xiamen) Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a technology enterprise engaged in the research and development, manufacturing and sales of AI intelligent switch lighting, intelligent scene, intelligent business products and solutions.

The company has strong technical strength, for the KNX international manufacturing members, KNX international certified engineers training center, China's top ten intelligent lighting, China's top ten smart home brands, Tuya technology ecological core members. We are based on the international leading stable KNX bus technology and lightweight, flexible and fast multi-protocol wireless technology on the development of the industry's first hybrid networking technology, to create an industry-leading ZKPRO intelligent commercial IOT platform, mastering a number of core technologies; we have been in the industry leader in the distributed KNX system, wireless intelligent commercial lighting, AI voice intelligent control technology, a variety of products and technologies We have been awarded national invention patents and industry application awards. The company has a rich product line and intelligent system application solutions, products can be front-loaded, rear-loaded, specially installed to meet the needs of various places of intelligent applications and management, for the industry as one of the few one-stop full case of intelligent products and solutions technology service providers; the company and Tuya Intelligence, Iflytek, Argrace, AI Speech and other giant enterprises into a technological alliance, bidirectional empowerment, and a number of well-known real estate intelligence service providers to become strategic partners, has completed a number of intelligent products and services. The company has become a strategic partner with a number of well-known real estate intelligentization service providers, and has completed a number of real estate projects with batch delivery of intelligent product packages.

Beile is committed to creating a scientific and technological living experience for consumers, enjoying a quality life, providing intelligent control, energy management, efficient operation, energy saving and emission reduction, and business scenario products and system solutions for commercial and residential buildings, and making due contribution to green low-carbon and quality living. Current business: ◆ Provide AIOT intelligent control system (KNX, zigbee, AI voice) products and solutions one-stop ODM and OEM services ◆ AI intelligent switch, lighting products and solutions provider

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